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  • Date de parution : 20/06/2019
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The ageing of nations is an enormous challenge for governments and national economies as well as for researchers and companies Efforts to improve the quality of life of older citizens can also provide an opportunity for the furniture industry, in particular to SMEs - that are flexible and can easily adapt to the individual needs of elderly. As part of the BaltSe@nioR project, experts from all several countries around the Baltic Sea Region - Poland, Denmark, Latvia, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, Germany and Sweden - have developed, tested and made available to SMEs ICT-based tools, applications and databases, innovative and creative working methods and knowledge. In addition, they all worked together on synergies between the traditional furniture industry and innovative ICT solutions, on strengthening the innovation capacity to develop intelligent products and adapted to the needs of older people. This publication shows the main results of the project and can provide know-how and inspiration for future furniture design for elderly.

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