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Queen of Hearts Complete Collection
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Queen of Hearts Complete Collection

  • HarperCollinsChildren’sBooks
  • Date de parution : 25/01/2018
E-book – ePub – Contenu protégé
Dorothy Must Die meets Alice in Wonderland. This is not a story of happily ever after – it’s the heart-stopping twisted YA origin story of the infamous villain, the Queen of Hearts. This e-book edition includes all three books in the trilogy. Dinah is a princess, the future Queen of Hearts, who will one day reign over Wonderland. Unaware of the dark depths of her kingdom, she longs only for her father’s approval and to reign with the boy she loves. But when a betrayal breaks her heart and threatens her throne, Dinah is exiled from her kingdom. Framed for a brutal murder she didn’t commit, fury is blooming inside Dinah, poisoning her soul and twisting her mind. Wonderland and her crown is all she has left. Can she get them back? And can a leader filled with love and rage ever be the ruler her kingdom needs? Or will her all-consuming wrath bring Wonderland to its knees?

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