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  • RMSW Press
  • Date de parution : 24/02/2022
E-book – ePub – pas de protection

Mandy Morgan touts herself as an E.R.E.: Essence Reclamation Expert. Together with her twin brother, Parker, the computer wizard of the duo, they grift across the country, scamming the bereaved by faking hauntings and then reclaiming the disembodied souls, all for a hefty price.


After arriving in the small, southern town of Forest Haven, Arkansas, to swindle the family of Jared Kendal, recently deceased, a sense of doom swirls inside her mind as strange events begin to unfold. She's portrayed the role of an essence reclamation expert for years, toying with people grieving for lost loved ones, conning them for cash when they are at their most vulnerable stage in life, feeling no shame or sorrow for the pain she causes the naïve fools, yet she now worries the lies have wormed their way into her psyche.


As they prepare to con Jared Kendal's widow, Clara, Mandy's worst fears come to fruition as she discovers there is a high price to pay for leading such a deplorable life, and when fate calls, she cannot run or hide.

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  • Date de parution : 24/02/22
  • Éditeur : RMSW Press
  • EAN : 9798201023591
  • Format : ePub

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