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Red Rock Bleeds
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Red Rock Bleeds

  • Red Penguin Books
  • Date de parution : 08/08/2022
E-book – ePub – pas de protection

Las Vegas, a haven for winners and a hell for losers. The glamour of the strip often hides the evil underbelly in a world people above ground seldom see. The tunnels dug under the city are home to some and a means of torture and death to others. In this world of broken and lost people the human traffickers, the assassins and people who are running from the law conduct their business. Their actions are cloaked by the darkness and apathy of the gamblers in the lights and activity of the casinos.

In this mix we add evil, greed and murder. The evil is constituted in one man who pulls the strings and commands others to do his bidding. His reach is international and he derives sadistic pleasure inflicting physical and mental pain on others. In the pursuit of a serial killer Sergeant Rodriguez and Agent McMahon cross paths with this maniacal human trafficker.

Red Rock Bleeds is the story of a Las Vegas you will never experience.

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7,99 €
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  • Date de parution : 08/08/22
  • Éditeur : Red Penguin Books
  • EAN : 9781637772997
  • Format : ePub

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  • ePub
  • Protection numérique : pas de protection