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Textiles guide
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Textiles guide

  • Date de parution : 21/07/2016
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Tips and tricks on textiles for all your fashion creations

Learn the different steps for fabric production of fibers, yarns, cloths and finishings and discover in depth the fabric families such as wools, silks, cottons, knits and technical fabrics.

Conceived from a user viewpoint with a simple-to-read approach, this book explores technical information on fabrics while keeping in mind the difficult choices a user must make when conceiving his creations.
The first part of the book looks at the textile industry (raw materials, spinners, weavers and finishers) without forgetting a lesson in fabric "hand", a vital skill needed for selecting fabrics; the second part helps consumers learn the vocabulary, properties, qualities and defects of each fabric family: woolens, cottons, silkies, knits and innovative fabrics.

Clever tips and technical details are scattered throughout the book to help the reader avoid the traps certain fabrics might hide behind their seductive appeal.


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  • Date de parution : 21/07/16
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