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The Workplace Transformed: 7 Crucial Lessons from the…
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The Workplace Transformed: 7 Crucial Lessons from the Global Pandemic

  • Red Penguin Books
  • Date de parution : 10/06/2022
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As Covid-19 has unexpectedly descended upon the world, turning our lives upside down and giving rise to unprecedented challenges, employers and employees alike have had to learn how to navigate a "new normal" at work. In her book, Angela Reddock-Wright, noted employment law attorney turned mediator and alternative dispute resolution professional, unveils the "4Es and 3Ds" – her unique formula for success in the post-pandemic workplace. Packed with invaluable insights, strategies, and examples, the book serves as a powerful tool to turn major setbacks into lessons learned and to prevail beyond the global pandemic and other challenging world events.

From elevating human resources to new ways to manage remote workers and to empowering teams around issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, employee engagement and activism, Reddock-Wright outlines a step-by-step process to embrace change, transform teams, and create more unified, productive, and successful organizations that deeply value their employees and the clients and customers they serve.

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7,99 €
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  • Date de parution : 10/06/22
  • Éditeur : Red Penguin Books
  • EAN : 9781637772164
  • Format : ePub

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